Search Engine Optimization


Your website is like a salesperson. However, unlike a human, it is never sick, never takes vacations and never suffers from bad morale. It continually sells your products or services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now if you could have a salesperson like that wouldn’t you invest in ensuring that they are trained properly? That is exactly what an SEO is. A collection of tools that allows you to have a website that is ready to be in the best position possible to sell your business all day and night.


During this stage we analyze your website, business, industry any past traffic data you may have collected. This allows us to fully understand the keywords and phrases which will be the most effective at providing your company with targeted traffic. We weigh the competition for each keyword and phrase against its effectiveness to develop specific values. From this research we will be able to draw up a complete SEO plan which will incorporate the most effective keywords and keyword phrases for your website.


We fully optimize your website at this stage according to the keyword specifications and SEO plan we have previously developed above. The goal of this optimization is to increase your search engine ranking on the keywords and keyword phrases we analyzed previously


  • Complete an SEO Audit on your website
  • Learn what your users want
  • Create SEO optimized landing pages
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly
  • Grow your traffic with infographics
  • Optimize your content for Rank Brain
  • Write at least 1,890 words
  • Write a roundup post
  • Post valuable content on social media
  • Use advanced SEO internal deep linking
  • Send link juice to lower ranked pages
  • Link to external sites with high Domain Authority
  • Snag broken link opportunities on Wikipedia to build links
  • Snag broken link opportunities on Wikipedia to build liBONUS – Revamp old articles with more organic traffic potential
  • Find and use your competitors’ SEO keywords
  • Use AdWords copy in your on-page SEO
  • Use multiple keywords in SEO page titles
  • Monitor Google Search Console stats
  • Regularly update your old content


Results are important, and if you cannot track results then there is no accurate way to see how the optimization is performing, or how to tune and improve your website over time. Site tracking involves setting up Google Analytics to track results and running regular search engine reports. Included with our SEO package is the Google Analytics install as well as status reports each reporting period of your SEO.

Beyond being able to track traffic statistics, Google Analytics offers a variety of charts and graphs for which to view these statistics. This application will allow you to generate easy to understand graphics from your traffic statistics to make the progress of your SEO immediately evident.


As with all SEO’s, it is important to continue to grow your SEO over time. After the website has launched we begin to collect traffic information and tune your SEO accordingly. With this valuable information we will be able to further improve your search engine ranking. The data will show us which keywords are returning results and which keywords are not, so we will re-tune your SEO for maximum effectiveness. Also, a part of the continual SEO stage is a link building campaign where we publish links to your website on reputable website networks to show increased interested in your website. For best results we recommend a minimum of 6 months of continual SEO.